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Yes, all of our goodies are suitable for vegetarian and vegans

Packaging and recycling

The glass bottles and metal caps can be rinsed and placed into the recycle bin. The sachets are recyclable but need to be processed through a special method, which is not yet available through your local rubbish collection (in the UK). The sachets can be dropped off to your local recycling facility or sent back to us in free compostable bags. Just add a bag to your basket when you place your order.
With a lot of packaging, different materials are layered and glued on top of each other, which is why a lot of plastic packaging isn't fully recyclable. Sachets are typically made up of a laminated film of plastic and aluminium therefore quite a difficult item to recycle and hence end up in landfills. Here is a list of places where you can drop off your nah sachets along with crisp packets, pouches and other hard to recycle items. Alternatively, add a free compostable bag to your order and post the sachets back to us (free of charge) and we will make sure they are recycled.


It is best to store the nah concentrate in the fridge or in a cool, dark place prior to opening. Once opened, definitely pop it in the fridge and don’t forget to have it within 4 weeks.
We recommend a 30-50ml serving once or twice a day, based on the quantities consumed in the scientific studies.


We ship worldwide. Do check out our Delivery and Returns page for more information

How to enjoy nah

We recommend a 30-50ml serving once or twice a day, based on the quantities consumed in the scientific studies.
You can add a serving of nah to 200ml of still or sparkling water. You can also add it to smoothies, porridge and salads. Please check out our instagram page for more inspiration

Subscription related questions

Each nah subscription box comes with your chosen nah product (bottles, sachets or both) and 3 samples from companies that we love!
Yes, you can cancel anytime you want!
We’ll build your first box as soon as you checkout and it will usually arrive within 3 working days. After this, your box will be shipped in the last week of each month, so you are fully stocked at the start of every month. You will always be notified once your box is shipped.
Of course you can! Just tick the gift option when checking out.
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