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Our story

Montmorency cherry

nah was inspired by a personal mission in the founder's own life. When her mother’s blood-pressure became dangerously high and medication - with unpleasant side effects - seemed inevitable, she decided to seek out a natural alternative. After an in-depth search, she came across a real, whole food with healing and preventative properties: the wonderful Montmorency cherry. Vitally, she also found its benefits were backed up by science, with evidence-based claims that went beyond reversing hypertension to improving sleep, reducing blood pressure, boosting athletic performance and more.

Though Montmorency was clearly the answer to her prayers, there was still one problem: supply. With the cherry itself difficult to source, the best available option was an extract that was poor-quality and included additives and preservatives. So she decided to do it herself, taking the finest Montmorency cherries and giving them a gentle squeeze… and nah was born. Putting the 100% purely concentrated cherry juice in a glass bottle made it possible to preserve quality without any nasty additives – and avoid leaching plastic contaminants known to damage health.

Montmorency cherry

Having started with a personal mission, nah is now ready for the world, bringing the goodness of Montmorency cherries to all.

It’s time to say yeah to nah!

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